A few major things have changed over the past week, creating some even closer races in what may be the most contested midterm of all time.  As we get the data from early voting in, we can see the turnout for this cycle is bigger than it has been in a midterm cycle in any of modern history.  More polls have been released in states we didn't have much information from before, giving us a bigger picture in predictions.

 Governors Forecast:

First, we have the Governor's race in New Hampshire.  An outsider look at this race might have told us early on that this would be a close race, as New Hampshire is a leaning-Democrat swing state and Governor Sununu has only been in office for two years.  However, incumbency advantage matters a LOT in the state, as they love state-driven politics, regardless of the party; although past polls have shown the Governor up by up to 20 points, both Democratic representatives are expected to win by double digits.  Up until now, the race has looked very solidly Republican, but within the past view days, The University of New Hampshire released a poll showing the race tied.  This moves the race from Solid Republican to Likely Republican.

Other races that have seen the polls tighten are Kansas, which moves from Lean Republican to Tossup,  Iowa, from Likely Democrat to Lean Democrat and South Dakota (Likely Republican to Lean Republican).  We think these adjustments set the predictions perfectly (with the absence of a huge event) for tomorrow's results.

The Georgia race has continued to tighten, with Obama, Oprah, Trump, and Pence all making stops in the state the past week.  The biggest event as of late is Sec. Kemp (who as we've mentioned is also running for Governor) filing a baseless lawsuit against GA Democrats, claiming they hacked the polling system.  This race likely still stands at the same point it stood last week.

Senate Forecast:

Since last week, a few changes have been made, most notidably, Arizona has moved from Tossup to Lean-Democrat.  In addition, Florida has moved from Lean-Democrat to Likely-Democrat, and New Jersey has moved from Likely-Democrat to Solid Democrat.

And that sums up our last prediction before election day.  Make sure you know how to vote and go the polls if you don't know your information.  Tune in tomorrow starting at 6PM for live elections results and analysis.

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