As we get closer and closer to election day, things are coming right down to the wire.  With Bill Walker's race exit fully coming into effect and the President out campaigning on races, several changes have taken place over this last week.

In the race for Governor, in Alaska, incumbent Governor Bill Walker (I) dropped out in what was a three-way race, and endorsed the Democrat.  This caused Mark Begich (D) to now have a very good shot at winning the governorship in Alaska, but he is still running behind.  This moves the race from Solid Republican to Lean Republican.

In Georgia, many concerns have risen about Brian Kemp's role as Secretary of State, as he campaigns for Governor.  As Secretary, Kemp controls the state's voters and has already removed 100s of thousands of Democratic-leaning from the roles, causing what could be mass voter suppression.  The race is virtually neck-and-neck in the polls.  Kemp as of now is refusing to resign, and we will have a more in-depth look at this later this week.  As of now, the race is still a tossup.

In Wisconsin, incumbent Governor and former Presidential candidate Scott Walker has only led in one poll since the beginning of July.  Meanwhile, the other polls have found him down by as much as ten.  The national environment isn't really the best for Republicans this cycle, with a general Congressional ballot lead of about +9.  However, the incumbency advantage as Governor is very important, and Wisconsin has had Democratic candidates in the past who have led by huge margins against Republican incumbents and still failed to win. The race is very close, which is why we are moving it to tossup, but we still think it leans very slightly Republican.

R&B 2018 Midterm Predictions

In the Senate, not much has changed other than what we reflected in last weeks trends.  Due to some new prediction analysts, mainly involving the national attitude of the country, we are moving Nevada from Tossup to Lean-Democratic.  Despite the one recent poll finding Heller up by 7, the race is virtually even.

R&B 2018 Midterm Predictions

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